Senior Year Tango.

Senior Year. A time in your life when you learn more about how the world really works, and you also figure out how (in some way) you will contribute to the community that you live in or move to.

This may sound cliqué, but my senior year really went by fast and I felt like I gained responsibility. I think most people go through this change and it is honestly for the better. Can you imagine if you still had your mom do your laundry and doctor’s appointments, while being on the break of your twenties (my mom would probably do it lol).

I am here to give you some things that I wish I had a redo on and some things that I did great with. I will also add in some tips on how to achieve the best you in senior year.

Some things that I would redo about senior year:

I would be more social:

I have never a “social butterfly”, but I think I could have done better with being more social. This is one thing that I plan to become better at while I attend my future university (I will make a post about my university in a later time). I think I can achieve my goal by going to more places and having more conversations with people.

I would have probably got a job:

I did not get a job because I was in the Early College program (this was a excuse in the beginning, which was valid due to my 20 credit-a-semester schedule). My current excuse is that I am going off to a university soon, so I want to make sure I spend enough time with my parents. It would be beneficial to get a job though because I could then buy my own stuff and treat my parents. (Update: I got a job.)

Dedicated more time to me:

Similar to what I always do, I dedicate so much time to school and not much to my own projects. I plan to work on this issue by making myself put time aside for leisure time (most likely planner based).

Some things that turned out good senior year were:

My grades:

 I studied a good amount of the time, and always remembered my end goal was to graduate with my associates degree. I hope that I still have that drive when I continue to further my education in the future.


I applied for scholarships CONSTANTLY (partly for a grade and partly to see how many I would get). So far I have won two, which I am happy about.


I ended up achieving my goal, and graduating with my Associates in Applied Science before my high school diploma. I achieved the goal that many said was impossible, so I think that was the best part of my senior year. 

Things to Know Before Going to College: Community College Version/ My Experience

Many high school students, along with older people, are planning to graduate soon. Some may be going to a university, while others go to community college. I am here to give some tips on going to college for the first time.

1. Professors will give you a syllabus. This is literally the guide to their class. If you lose your first copy of the syllabus, then you can easily retrieve it via the internet (mostly they are on your ecampus site or even the professor’s email). Also for some classes you wont even have to use them because your profressor will talk about deadlines when they approach. 

2. Unlike high school, the other students in our class may not care to build a friendship (or anything for that matter) with you. If you are a very social person, then I would highly suggest that you join a group/club around campus or even volunteer on campus. 

3. There is a police presence, so do not think you will get away with illegal activities. When there is no police around, ther is a camera somewhere. In addition, check with your campus on what is prohibited. For example, any sort of smoking is against the rules at my community college. 

In conclusion, it is important to go into college with an open mind. It is a great time in your life, so live it up. 

Study Tips

I have compiled a list of study tips that will make your studying experience sweeter.

1. Study with a group:

This works for certain people because they may study with a group of friends, but do not study anything at all at the study session. I would suggest studying with classmates that you may not consider a friend, but an acquaintance.

2. Play some music:

Some music is good to listen to while studying. The perfect music to listen to is something that you normally don’t listen to (not annoying though). For example if you are normally listening to rap music, then I would suggest music that is softer (i.e.: Johnny Goth). Music is also an option for break time.

3. Take breaks bi-hourly/ every half hour:

Breaks insure that your brain won’t explode by all of the knowledge that you are intaking. Also in most cases, the student will forget all of your study material if they don’t take a break.

4. Think about your goals (short and long term):

Goals can be things like wanting to read a certain amount of pages per day or wanting to understand something by a certain day. Planners can assist with this.

5. Make target spots to reward yourself:

This is similar to the photos I see on Pinterest about placing gummy bears on certain points in a book. You can do this or have something else for yourself.
What do you think of my tips? What are some tips that you personally use?

Pros and Cons of joining a Early College: From A Early College Student

To be a student in a Early College is a one in a life time opportunity and a great privilege. Even though I enjoy my program a great deal, I still have some issues with it. These are some of my Pros and Cons of joining a Early College Program:

Disclaimer: I would like to start off with a brief description of what Early College is. Early College is a program that allows select students to take college classes on a community college campus (how my area’s program is set up), and the goal is to obtain your Associates Degree.
To be a student in a Early College is a one in a life time opportunity and a great privilege. Even though I enjoy my program a great deal, I still have some issues with it. These are some of my Pros and Cons of joining a Early College Program:

Some pros are:

To interact with people who are older and have different backgrounds than you (students and professors):

Professors are different than teachers in some aspects. The most obvious one is that they are more ‘free’ in the subjects they talk about. Also depending on the class you are in, the professor or students will express their thoughts about certain situations which can lead to a friendly dialogue. 

To receive a free college education:

College is constantly getting higher, so it is important to try to seize on any opportunity to get a free education. Think about it as ‘free food’ at a party.

Understand the importance of higher education:

Sometimes the importance of education really isn’t explained fully, which it can’t be. Due to the fact that I am a person that likes to experience things hands on, I enjoy the opportunity of being able to go through college before going to my university. This also helped me learn about community college because most high schools tend to over look community College as a alternative after high school. It really is a great place to start your college journey.

Some cons are:

Not really being included in things at your high school:

Sometimes, if you are in Early College, you may not get news on the same day as others. This is why it is important to have someone you know that is on campus, so they can tell you the latest information.

There may be a disconnect between the different sides: 

My school has some tension. This is due to miscommunication and sometimes other situations that may arise.

You may not feel obligated to go to any of the “original” high school functions:

For example, some of my peers are not going to all senior activities and some aren’t going to any. In my case, I am not going to any of them.

What do you think about Early College program? 


I never thought I would say this, but I am diagnosed with something very dangerous and life threatening.

It is Seniorits.


Some of the ways that I am trying to confront it is by doing my homework early and turning it in (early if possible). This leads to there being no misunderstandings about if you did your homework or not; you are in the position to easily look through your backpack and just give it to your teacher.

Additionally, you can also consult with a teacher, if you feel stressed about their assignment. If they understand that you are genuinely stressed, then your actions may persuade them to give you extra credit or even let you turn in your work later than the deadline.

Finally, getting together with your peers can help with your senioritis. As a team everyone can depend on each other, and making sure that everyone is accountable for their work. For example, my friend and I do this for our classes. If one of us is struggling or feels unmotivated, then we explain the problem and try to spark understanding within each other.

Senioritis can be deadly, but it is also optional. It is up to the person to take accountability for their actions and what they need to turn in. The end goal is to be a high school graduate and not have to deal with high school anymore.

What are your thoughts on senioritis?

Watch The Anxiety (or Phobia) Abate: Life Tips

Phobia//: “…an irrational fear, a kind of anxiety disorder in which the individual has a relentless dread of a situation, loving creature, place, or thing.” (Medical News Today)

Phobias are things that many individuals have; some are more severe and audacious than others, but overall they are all serious.

Through dealing with my own anxiety and doing some research, I have composed a list of possible ways to help with your phobias casually abating.

  1. Exercise: This is a great way to get your mind to become relaxed and to feel good inside. Exercise, to a certain extent, can also lead to you adapting a healthy life; also meeting new people that can act as positive forces.
  2. Hobby: Hobbies are great things to have in your life because they release stress. Most phobias lead to stress and anxiety, which is not good for the body (can lead to health issues).
  3. Support System: These are individuals that will always be there for you to rely on. A support system can lead to reduce stress and helps with taking your mind off of the phobia.

Overall keeping yourself occupied helps with not becoming overwhelmed. While some people will not find success in these tips, I hope that I helped someone.
What do you think about phobias? What are some tips that you follow?

What Was Pepsi Thinking?: The Pepsi Commercial Controversy

There is a great deal of outrage towards the recent Pepsi commercial that was released. If you have not seen it, then you can watch it below.
Personally, after watching the commercial, I was disappointed in Pepsi. I was disappointed because they basically made it seem as though the current issues in the U.S., including police brutality, can be cured by a Pepsi. Even though they did not mean to portrayed this (or at least I assume). They should have at least apologized to the people they offended; instead they decided to only apologized to Kendall via Twitter.
What do you think about the commercial?

Why Creative Classes Should Be Offered

Creativity is the advantage of being able to not rely on convergent solutions or thinking; it is actually being able to solve issues or come to solutions by using unorthodox actions. The creativity index in the United States has steadily declined. This lead to the proposal of creativity courses being recommended. The creativity courses should be taught because they help students become more relaxed and create solutions to complicated problems in society.

One way that creativity classes would help society is by helping students become more relaxed. Even though it seems cliché it has been shown time after time that these classes are beneficial. The stats are actually coming from creative classes that are in place currently.  For example, one evaluation of how music affects the body was found in a study with a 9-year-old children who was provided with piano instruction. They gave the child a spatial-temporal task immediately after, and they scored higher than before the lessons. If the child continues these lessons for the rest of their school year and beyond, then there will be an incessant increase within their knowledge. Additionally, if more schools and parents introduced their children to musical elements, then this might lead to an increase of more creative generations. Another creative class that is currently in place is art class. One way that art class has improved creativity within students is by providing a source that can be used through expression. Another example would be when I took art class, my classmates and I were able to release some of the tensions that school provided. We were also able to decorate the school and have a pride in our work, which lead to an increase of confidence in students and that confidence lead to students preforming better on their assignments.

In addition, creativity courses would be beneficial because they may inspire students to become innovators and problem solvers. Most children observe the world around them and notice situations that are not the best. For example, if a child constantly witnesses mental illness and becomes aware of the different effects it has on the body, then the child would most likely become interested in what sparks the light to this disease. This example applied to me; I grew up with a father that had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was untreated all of his life until recently. When I took a music class I remember how soothing and relaxing music can be. I decided to combine the two life experiences, and create a plan to produce music for individuals that have severe mental illness. Rather than a life of constant pills and therapy, a patient may use music to reduce their manic behavior. Without taking the creative music class, the thought of music producing and trying to be an innovator would have not taken place.

Some people might argue that creativity courses are a waste of time because some individuals believe that you cannot teach creativity. The class is to help with tapping into the divergent thinking within a person. This is possible for everyone, but they have to be open minded with the course. Another common argument is the class would put a limitation on creativity, but there are creativity classes that are on-going now and there is not a problem with the grading system. For example, art and music classes have been assigned for decades, and there has not been issues with providing grades to students. If other creativity courses were designed and offered to students, then the school system would not have any difficulty with grading students in those classes. But if the school were to run into an issue with someone saying that their creativity is being limited, then it would be a good idea to set some boundaries for the class. Teacher could say that if a person adds a certain object into their drawing or activity, then they will get credit on the assignment. This would not limit creativity because the student can do whatever they want to with the object, and their work is not being limited.

Hence providing more creativity courses to students would not be an abnormal situation, and possibly would help many students unlock their hidden potential. Creativity courses would help handle the issue of the steady decline of creativity in generations, which would lead to more innovators and issues in the world being solved. If individuals took time to understand the details of creativity courses, then people opposing may change their thoughts on the topic.

What do you think about this topic?

Life: Internal Love

Do you love yourself?”

A question asked constantly to many people around the world. There are many ways to answer this question depending on the person and their lifestory.

Personally, in all honestly, I am conflicted when I am asked this question. I do love myself, but there are some aspects that I do not really like about me.

Some of the things I love about myself are my personality, height, face, skin, and determination.

Some of the things I do not like about myself are the fears I have, discouragement (sometimes), and from time to time I overthink things.

With that being said, I am trying to learn how to revert from having some of these feelings, and learning how to embrace some of my flaws.

What is your opinion on this topic?

College: Tips (Last Semester)

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Due to the fact finals week is in a few days, I decided to write about my semester experience. I gained friendships, witnessed drama, and did many essays. I honestly enjoyed my first semester, because it was filled with fun, food, and stressfulness.

Even though I was not able to go out with my friends as much as possible, I enjoyed the time I did spend with them on campus. We would come together and hang out on Fridays. It was honestly the best, because I got to become close with people that are very interesting and nice. We would order food on these days, and enjoy each other’s company. We plan to do the same next semester.

I was stressed this semester, because I did not know how to prioritize my time. I was rushing to get everything done early, so I did not have much time to study for all my classes. Even though I did not study as much as I should, I still am in good standing with my classes. I have learned many tips and strategies that I will try for next semester.

There are a few tips that I would like to share to people who will be taking the spring semester or any semester at any time:

  1. Think about your future plans before setting up your schedule. If it is easier to have all classes on Monday-Thursday, then plan your schedule according to that. This helps with making time for studying, work schedules, and etc.
  2. Do not skip many classes. It is normal to skip a class or two, but do not do it often. There will be situations that will cause an emergency to occur during a class period. For example, you may forget to turn in your essay and it is due at 4pm. Your class starts at 2pm, but you need as much time as possible to complete the essay. Do not skip class, if you do not have something urgent occurring.
  3. Just have fun. College is about having fun. There is no point of paying for months of schooling and not being happy.

— I will do a follow up post about some tips and words of advice later in the semester. This is my last semester before I graduate with my Associates Degree.