Study Tips

I have compiled a list of study tips that will make your studying experience sweeter.

1. Study with a group:

This works for certain people because they may study with a group of friends, but do not study anything at all at the study session. I would suggest studying with classmates that you may not consider a friend, but an acquaintance.

2. Play some music:

Some music is good to listen to while studying. The perfect music to listen to is something that you normally don’t listen to (not annoying though). For example if you are normally listening to rap music, then I would suggest music that is softer (i.e.: Johnny Goth). Music is also an option for break time.

3. Take breaks bi-hourly/ every half hour:

Breaks insure that your brain won’t explode by all of the knowledge that you are intaking. Also in most cases, the student will forget all of your study material if they don’t take a break.

4. Think about your goals (short and long term):

Goals can be things like wanting to read a certain amount of pages per day or wanting to understand something by a certain day. Planners can assist with this.

5. Make target spots to reward yourself:

This is similar to the photos I see on Pinterest about placing gummy bears on certain points in a book. You can do this or have something else for yourself.
What do you think of my tips? What are some tips that you personally use?

Cool Places To Go To In Dallas: Deep Ellum Edition

If you are traveling and coming to Dallas, Texas (Deep Ellum specifically) , then these are two places tat you should check out. These places have been approved by me because I have been and the food was great. Also these places get a great deal of traffic by locals.

Image result for serious pizzaSerious Pizza: TImage result for serious pizza xlargehey have some tasty pizza. The first time I went I enjoyed the atmosphere. It was welcoming and decorated in cool sayings; also you are able to see them flipping the dough and cooking pizzas. The thing that really sticks out to people are the sizes of the pizza. You have to see them in person to believe them.

Image result for twisted root deep ellum




Twisted Root: The cool sayings for the burgers and the rustic decor makes it a cool place to go. Also they offer exotic foods, especially meat, that include lamb, buffalo, and crocodile.

Image result for twisted root deep ellum

Liebster Award

  I was nominated for the Liebster award by Emily from emiwee. This is my first award to be nominated for, so I am greatly honored. 


Thank and link the person who nominated you.

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Emily’s Questions for me:

1. Is there a song that you can relate to at the moment? No, not at the moment.

2. Favorite beverage? Peace juice from Tropicana

3. What are your tips for public speaking for a person who really hates doing public speeches? Don’t look at the crowd in their eyes. 

4. Do you honestly care about the ‘celebrity world’? I can honestly careless.

5. Are you a productive person? If not, would you prefer to be productive? I love to be productive. If I am not, then I am probably going to be bored. 

6. Do you usually write in pen or pencil? If pen, what color do you normally use? I normally write in pen, but I am starting to write in pencil more. I use black gel pens most of the time. 

7. Left- handed or right handed? I am right-handed.

8. Favorite shop(s)? Old navy.

9. Have you ever seen auroras/ northern lights before? (If you have, please note that I am jealous of you 😛 ) No I have not.

10. If you had the decision, would you be immortal (also meaning you wouldn’t age)? No, because I would have to watch everyone around me die and I wouldn’t feel human anymore. 

11. What is your opinion on makeup? I don’t care for makeup, but it is okay. 


Questions for Nominees:

1. What do you think about politics?

2. What is your favorite memory from high school?

3. Do you play a sport? If you do, what sport? 

4. Have you ever regretted doing something?

5. What is your favorite brand of clothing?

6. Complete the sentence/quote: “I was riding through the 6 with my _____.” And name the artist.

7. What phone brand do you have?

8. Candy or chocolate?

9. If you could travel to any state, right now, where would you go?

10. Favorite color?

11. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?


Thanks for tuning in and have a great night. 

Good Apps To Check Out

I have a few apps that I want to share with everyone. Some of these apps you may know or will be learning about. You might even find your next favorite app, so check the list out. 

  1. Wattpad: This app is for people who like to read (this is actually one of my favorite apps). The stories on the app are created by users, so when you create a profile you are allow to start writing. There are so many stories on the site that fall under many categories, so there is something for everyone. Wattpad
  2. Instagram: Instagram is a photo app, in which, you share different pictures that you want. The app is alright for the most part. Instagram
  3. Tumblr: I love tumblr, because it is so random and real. Tumblr is basically the black sheep of the Internet (in a good way). Many people don’t give Tumblr the credit it deserves. Tumblr
  4. Pinterest: This app is pretty cool. I enjoy going on Pinterest, because I find new DIYs or meals to make. I definitely recommend joining. Pinterest
  5. YouTube: For the most part, everyone looks on YouTube. It offers music, comedy, makeup, and much more. YouTube
  6. Facebook: I still use Facebook every once and a while. The app is okay. It is just a social network app that helps you communicate with people you may know. Facebook
  7. Duolingo: This is a very helpful app, if you want to learn Spanish. It has helped me through my 2 years of Spanish, and I plan to use it in my future as well. Duolingo
  8. Polyvore: If you enjoy putting outfits together, then this is the app for you. You create different outfits and publish them (to mostly any site). Polyvore