Study Tips

I have compiled a list of study tips that will make your studying experience sweeter.

1. Study with a group:

This works for certain people because they may study with a group of friends, but do not study anything at all at the study session. I would suggest studying with classmates that you may not consider a friend, but an acquaintance.

2. Play some music:

Some music is good to listen to while studying. The perfect music to listen to is something that you normally don’t listen to (not annoying though). For example if you are normally listening to rap music, then I would suggest music that is softer (i.e.: Johnny Goth). Music is also an option for break time.

3. Take breaks bi-hourly/ every half hour:

Breaks insure that your brain won’t explode by all of the knowledge that you are intaking. Also in most cases, the student will forget all of your study material if they don’t take a break.

4. Think about your goals (short and long term):

Goals can be things like wanting to read a certain amount of pages per day or wanting to understand something by a certain day. Planners can assist with this.

5. Make target spots to reward yourself:

This is similar to the photos I see on Pinterest about placing gummy bears on certain points in a book. You can do this or have something else for yourself.
What do you think of my tips? What are some tips that you personally use?

Cool Places To Go To In Dallas: Deep Ellum Edition

If you are traveling and coming to Dallas, Texas (Deep Ellum specifically) , then these are two places tat you should check out. These places have been approved by me because I have been and the food was great. Also these places get a great deal of traffic by locals.

Image result for serious pizzaSerious Pizza: TImage result for serious pizza xlargehey have some tasty pizza. The first time I went I enjoyed the atmosphere. It was welcoming and decorated in cool sayings; also you are able to see them flipping the dough and cooking pizzas. The thing that really sticks out to people are the sizes of the pizza. You have to see them in person to believe them.

Image result for twisted root deep ellum




Twisted Root: The cool sayings for the burgers and the rustic decor makes it a cool place to go. Also they offer exotic foods, especially meat, that include lamb, buffalo, and crocodile.

Image result for twisted root deep ellum


I never thought I would say this, but I am diagnosed with something very dangerous and life threatening.

It is Seniorits.


Some of the ways that I am trying to confront it is by doing my homework early and turning it in (early if possible). This leads to there being no misunderstandings about if you did your homework or not; you are in the position to easily look through your backpack and just give it to your teacher.

Additionally, you can also consult with a teacher, if you feel stressed about their assignment. If they understand that you are genuinely stressed, then your actions may persuade them to give you extra credit or even let you turn in your work later than the deadline.

Finally, getting together with your peers can help with your senioritis. As a team everyone can depend on each other, and making sure that everyone is accountable for their work. For example, my friend and I do this for our classes. If one of us is struggling or feels unmotivated, then we explain the problem and try to spark understanding within each other.

Senioritis can be deadly, but it is also optional. It is up to the person to take accountability for their actions and what they need to turn in. The end goal is to be a high school graduate and not have to deal with high school anymore.

What are your thoughts on senioritis?

College: Tips (Last Semester)

Image result for nature tumblr

Due to the fact finals week is in a few days, I decided to write about my semester experience. I gained friendships, witnessed drama, and did many essays. I honestly enjoyed my first semester, because it was filled with fun, food, and stressfulness.

Even though I was not able to go out with my friends as much as possible, I enjoyed the time I did spend with them on campus. We would come together and hang out on Fridays. It was honestly the best, because I got to become close with people that are very interesting and nice. We would order food on these days, and enjoy each other’s company. We plan to do the same next semester.

I was stressed this semester, because I did not know how to prioritize my time. I was rushing to get everything done early, so I did not have much time to study for all my classes. Even though I did not study as much as I should, I still am in good standing with my classes. I have learned many tips and strategies that I will try for next semester.

There are a few tips that I would like to share to people who will be taking the spring semester or any semester at any time:

  1. Think about your future plans before setting up your schedule. If it is easier to have all classes on Monday-Thursday, then plan your schedule according to that. This helps with making time for studying, work schedules, and etc.
  2. Do not skip many classes. It is normal to skip a class or two, but do not do it often. There will be situations that will cause an emergency to occur during a class period. For example, you may forget to turn in your essay and it is due at 4pm. Your class starts at 2pm, but you need as much time as possible to complete the essay. Do not skip class, if you do not have something urgent occurring.
  3. Just have fun. College is about having fun. There is no point of paying for months of schooling and not being happy.

— I will do a follow up post about some tips and words of advice later in the semester. This is my last semester before I graduate with my Associates Degree.

5 Legit Ways to Make Money as a Teen Without Getting a Job

Due to the fact some companies don’t hire teens, around the age of 16 and below, it is hard to earn money at these ages. I have made a list of ways to earn money as a teen and older, continue to read to learn more. 

  • Allowance: Many teens get allowances, which can be given every week or month. You can also just ask your parents for money, when you need it. 
  • Sell crafts: If you enjoy making crafts, then this is perfect for you. Many children, when I was in elementary, made their money this way. This also helps with networking and meeting new people. 
  • Collect pennies: Pennies are everywhere, so just pick them up. You can also ask people around you for this pennies, to add to your collection. Once you have reached your desired amount, go to your local Walmart, and cash them in. 
  • Babysit/ Animalsit: Most people know about babysitting and possibly animalsitting. Animalsitting is just watching over a pet owner’s animal while they are away from the house. 
  • Sell old clothing: By selling your old clothes to stores like Platos Closet, you will get money. 

Good Apps To Check Out

I have a few apps that I want to share with everyone. Some of these apps you may know or will be learning about. You might even find your next favorite app, so check the list out. 

  1. Wattpad: This app is for people who like to read (this is actually one of my favorite apps). The stories on the app are created by users, so when you create a profile you are allow to start writing. There are so many stories on the site that fall under many categories, so there is something for everyone. Wattpad
  2. Instagram: Instagram is a photo app, in which, you share different pictures that you want. The app is alright for the most part. Instagram
  3. Tumblr: I love tumblr, because it is so random and real. Tumblr is basically the black sheep of the Internet (in a good way). Many people don’t give Tumblr the credit it deserves. Tumblr
  4. Pinterest: This app is pretty cool. I enjoy going on Pinterest, because I find new DIYs or meals to make. I definitely recommend joining. Pinterest
  5. YouTube: For the most part, everyone looks on YouTube. It offers music, comedy, makeup, and much more. YouTube
  6. Facebook: I still use Facebook every once and a while. The app is okay. It is just a social network app that helps you communicate with people you may know. Facebook
  7. Duolingo: This is a very helpful app, if you want to learn Spanish. It has helped me through my 2 years of Spanish, and I plan to use it in my future as well. Duolingo
  8. Polyvore: If you enjoy putting outfits together, then this is the app for you. You create different outfits and publish them (to mostly any site). Polyvore

10 Facts About Me

I don’t feel like I formally introduced myself to my viewers, so I decided do a ‘Facts About Me’ post. I hope you enjoy and leave a comment, if we have similarities.

  1. My name is Kristan Burns.
  2. I enjoy reading books and community writing  websites.
  3. I have a pet guinea pig and his name is Bruno.
  4. I am an only child.
  5. My height is 5’8.
  6. My birthday is on the Ides of March.
  7. I am a high school and college student.
  8. My zodiac sign is Pisces (I am sure you can tell from my blog’s name.)
  9. I own a skateboard, but I don’t know how to skate.
  10. I enjoy going thrift shopping with my mom.