Senior Year Tango.

Senior Year. A time in your life when you learn more about how the world really works, and you also figure out how (in some way) you will contribute to the community that you live in or move to.

This may sound cliqu√©, but my senior year really went by fast and I felt like I gained responsibility. I think most people go through this change and it is honestly for the better. Can you imagine if you still had your mom do your laundry and doctor’s appointments, while being on the break of your twenties (my mom would probably do it lol).

I am here to give you some things that I wish I had a redo on and some things that I did great with. I will also add in some tips on how to achieve the best you in senior year.

Some things that I would redo about senior year:

I would be more social:

I have never a “social butterfly”, but I think I could have done better with being more social. This is one thing that I plan to become better at while I attend my future university (I will make a post about my university in a later time). I think I can achieve my goal by going to more places and having more conversations with people.

I would have probably got a job:

I did not get a job because I was in the Early College program (this was a excuse in the beginning, which was valid due to my 20 credit-a-semester schedule). My current excuse is that I am going off to a university soon, so I want to make sure I spend enough time with my parents. It would be beneficial to get a job though because I could then buy my own stuff and treat my parents. (Update: I got a job.)

Dedicated more time to me:

Similar to what I always do, I dedicate so much time to school and not much to my own projects. I plan to work on this issue by making myself put time aside for leisure time (most likely planner based).

Some things that turned out good senior year were:

My grades:

 I studied a good amount of the time, and always remembered my end goal was to graduate with my associates degree. I hope that I still have that drive when I continue to further my education in the future.


I applied for scholarships CONSTANTLY (partly for a grade and partly to see how many I would get). So far I have won two, which I am happy about.


I ended up achieving my goal, and graduating with my Associates in Applied Science before my high school diploma. I achieved the goal that many said was impossible, so I think that was the best part of my senior year. 

What Was Pepsi Thinking?: The Pepsi Commercial Controversy

There is a great deal of outrage towards the recent Pepsi commercial that was released. If you have not seen it, then you can watch it below.
Personally, after watching the commercial, I was disappointed in Pepsi. I was disappointed because they basically made it seem as though the current issues in the U.S., including police brutality, can be cured by a Pepsi. Even though they did not mean to portrayed this (or at least I assume). They should have at least apologized to the people they offended; instead they decided to only apologized to Kendall via Twitter.
What do you think about the commercial?

Is Racism Still Alive?

The injustice within sentencing, media coverage, and actions of people have created high tensions in cultural areas.

Racism is a touchy subject even in 2015. Discrimination is not as blatant as it was in the early 1900s, but is still felt even today. Many people look at the news, and suspect racism to be a trigger to some of the events happening lately. The injustice within sentencing, media coverage, and actions of people have created high tensions in cultural areas.

When it comes to prosecuting, lately the courts have been coming back with shocking verdicts. Hate crimes continue to happen, but people just shrug it off as nothing. When this happens, it shows the individuals they can continue to do the same acts again. The same process is how Caucasians got away with hate crimes in the early 1900s. For example, Emmett Till was a young boy who was kidnapped and beaten to death due to color of skin. The jury even acquitted the murders, who killed Till. This event showed other racists, in this era, that it was okay to kill innocent black males.

The media coverage on certain events compared to others is unfair. News outlets, local and national, create two different lights when comparing blacks and whites. For example, when blacks protest it is automatically a riot and the police are ready to shoot. When there is a group of white¬†individuals (really rioting), they are just “young confused college students”. The media coverage is the same, no matter what network, and is racist. The little differences made between blacks and whites is a door way back into the early 1900s. If we, as citizens, do not put a stop to ALL differences, then we will go back into segregation.

Due to the high crime towards cultural groups, many people are afraid they will be another carcass in a body bag. Many parents warn their children of the fear of being shot by dirty cops or racists on the street. The whole situation is disturbing , because certain cultures have to live with always wondering if they will be killed on that day.

In conclusion, differences created by certain situations make tensions between cultures grow and others grow. It is disappointing that racism still lingers, even in 2015. If we, as citizens, do not stand up for what is right, then danger is yet to come.