I never thought I would say this, but I am diagnosed with something very dangerous and life threatening.

It is Seniorits.


Some of the ways that I am trying to confront it is by doing my homework early and turning it in (early if possible). This leads to there being no misunderstandings about if you did your homework or not; you are in the position to easily look through your backpack and just give it to your teacher.

Additionally, you can also consult with a teacher, if you feel stressed about their assignment. If they understand that you are genuinely stressed, then your actions may persuade them to give you extra credit or even let you turn in your work later than the deadline.

Finally, getting together with your peers can help with your senioritis. As a team everyone can depend on each other, and making sure that everyone is accountable for their work. For example, my friend and I do this for our classes. If one of us is struggling or feels unmotivated, then we explain the problem and try to spark understanding within each other.

Senioritis can be deadly, but it is also optional. It is up to the person to take accountability for their actions and what they need to turn in. The end goal is to be a high school graduate and not have to deal with high school anymore.

What are your thoughts on senioritis?

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