Watch The Anxiety (or Phobia) Abate: Life Tips

Phobia//: “…an irrational fear, a kind of anxiety disorder in which the individual has a relentless dread of a situation, loving creature, place, or thing.” (Medical News Today)

Phobias are things that many individuals have; some are more severe and audacious than others, but overall they are all serious.

Through dealing with my own anxiety and doing some research, I have composed a list of possible ways to help with your phobias casually abating.

  1. Exercise: This is a great way to get your mind to become relaxed and to feel good inside. Exercise, to a certain extent, can also lead to you adapting a healthy life; also meeting new people that can act as positive forces.
  2. Hobby: Hobbies are great things to have in your life because they release stress. Most phobias lead to stress and anxiety, which is not good for the body (can lead to health issues).
  3. Support System: These are individuals that will always be there for you to rely on. A support system can lead to reduce stress and helps with taking your mind off of the phobia.

Overall keeping yourself occupied helps with not becoming overwhelmed. While some people will not find success in these tips, I hope that I helped someone.
What do you think about phobias? What are some tips that you follow?

2 thoughts on “Watch The Anxiety (or Phobia) Abate: Life Tips

  1. Hi Kristan, thank you for the great tips. I have tried a few and yes, it does help relieve some of the phobias that I feel some days.

    Your suggestions can also contribute to stress relief as well.

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