The End of Semester

With the end of the semester over, I decided to write about my experience of a full year of college. It was stressful and caused many eye twitching moments, but it was all worth it. I am glad to have joined the program I am in, and experienced the hardship that I have went through. I am happy, also, that I meet new people and learn more about myself. I am grateful that I am finally one step closer to becoming a university student and graduating high school.

Some of the things that I have went through include, failing a class, learning I have to take summer classes, and getting low SAT scores. I experienced these horrible experiences within the same week, so you can basically say that I was having a bad finals week. But I digress and I am somewhat happy these events happened to me. I am happy that they happened, because I am getting a true taste of reality. The real lesson learned; not everything is easy come by or accomplish.


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