Life Lessons

While I was thinking of my past, junior year experience, I realized that I have learned some life lessons. Within those lessons, one was the most important. Some things never last forever or tend to change over time. This change can be for the better or worse, so the best thing to do is to embrace the experience as a life lesson.

The most notable situation where this occurred was when I was taking my Trigonometry class, in the spring 2016 semester. I am normally a student that constantly does good in all of my classes, but I did very badly with this class. I even told my mom that I was going to fail it, months in advance. The end result ended with me failing my first college/high school course.

The lesson I learned from that situation is to not think everything will constantly stay great, if you do not apply yourself 100 percent. There are many free resources that I could have used within my campus grounds to help with this class. I only used one resource and used it too late expecting to see changes in my performance/grades.

What are some of the lessons that you have learned so far this year?

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