How to Overcome Challenges?

Challenges are obstacles that occur in an individual’s life. The obstacles include but are not limited to social, intrapersonal, and peer issues. There are many ways to solve and view these issues, so there is not one direct way to take care of every challenge that occurs in life. Even though there is no direct way to solve an issue, there are many ways to help get to your desired solution. I will list six questions you can ask yourself, when you are in a situation.


Questions to Ask When Making a Decision

  1. Did you listen to all sides of the story?
  2. Are you thinking of the consequences?
  3. Will your choice put you/others in danger?
  4. Will you lose a friend, gain a friend, or gain an enemy?
  5. How many ways can this problem be solved?
  6. Would I lose anything in my life?

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