Fracking has created many conflicts within the ecosystem. The process of hydraulic fracking started in 1947.

Fracking has created many conflicts within the ecosystem. The process of hydraulic fracking started in 1947. It was later used commercially in 1949. The process of fracking or also called hydro-fracking involves drilling into the earth. The drilling occurs in places believed to contain trapped natural gas. A mixture of water, sand, and many chemicals are pumped into the drilling area, which makes the trapped gas release. The popularity of fracking has grew very much since 1949, which has influenced drilling firms to start drilling all over the world. The drilling firms fail to realize the drilling creates many problems for surrounding citizens. Fracking leads to health problems, shifting of land, and impacts natural resources. Fracking is dangerous to humans, because of the many risks it carries.

Some of the health issues exposed to people near fracking include air pollution, respiratory problems, and cardiovascular problems. Fracking was attached to air pollution in 2014. While the drilling occurs, the trapped gas surfaces from the underground. The gas trapped includes carbon. This carbon that is released into the air contributes to local air pollution. This pollution combines together with car and factory pollution. With the air pollution from factories and cars very high, carbon pollution just creates a tipping point. All the air pollution combined together create damage all over the world. Air pollution contributes to global warming. Global warming is the gradual increase of temperature on the earth’s atmosphere. Global warming contributes to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is trapping the sun’s warmth. One example of the effects of air pollution and global warming is the melting of the North Pole. In the North Pole, glaciers and ice caps are melting and drifting away. Due to the fact drifting is occurring, polar bears and other organisms have an unstable environment. This is a much known problem all over the world. This top is also included in children’s movies. One much known movie that showcases the melting of ice is Happy Feet. Even though there is no hope of there being an end of global warming, many people hope that one day it will not occur anymore. Respiratory and cardiovascular problems have been linked to hydro-fracking. Due to contaminated gas being released into the surface from below the ground, there has been reports of people suffering from respiratory problems. The people who reported these problems say they experienced shortness of breath, lung disease, difficulty breathing, and asthma attacks. The victims where mostly young adults and children. Due to the fact victims being mostly younger individuals, there are possibilities of future problems occurring after their accident. Pregnant women put are in danger while being near drilling firms. Air pollution could produce birth defects to growing baby’s that are in their mom’s wombs. These health defects could include problems for baby’s hearts, brains, and nervous systems. These problems could create generations of children with many birth defects that could be passed down to their following children.

Fracking affects the earth, because there is drilling that happens. This drilling opens the ground and releases gas into the surface. While releasing this gas, the ground becomes unstable. Many people report earthquakes happening to them, and these individuals usually don’t experience earthquakes. One example of this is the hydro-fracking that occurs in Texas. Texas is usually a stable place, when it comes it comes to earthquakes. This all changed when fracking was introduced in Texas. Drilling firms located to Texas, because of the many possibilities that were located there. After this locating, people started to report earthquakes occurring. Some people call the earthquakes occurring in Texas, man-made, because of the possibility of it occurring from the fracking. One location that hydro-fracking occurs in Texas is Irving. A couple who lived in Irving, Texas for 14 years, reported about earthquakes occurring where they live. They blame the fracking for the earthquakes that happened around their neighborhood, because they never experienced them until fracking refiners appeared near them. Scientists, studying the effects of fracking, say that fracking causes earthquakes. The earthquakes tend to be 2.0 and higher magnitude. Fracking has also been attached to earthquakes happening to Oklahoma, like Texas. Even though there are people who say that fracking causes earthquakes, there are also people who defend that fracking does not cause earthquakes. Researchers from SMU, South Methodist University, say that fracking should not be confused with Underground wastewater storage. Underground water storage tanks are used for storage of drinking water, wastewater, and rainwater. These tanks are basically just like water pipes that link drinking water to taps or toilets. The difference is that tanks are portable and can be used for virtually anything a person wants. The researchers, from Southern Methodist University, say that underground water storage tanks are the reason for the earthquakes occurring in Texas and Oklahoma. The reason for the earthquakes point to two reasons, underground water storage tanks or fracking. Even though fracking seems like the main reason, there are people disagree.

In conclusion, fracking sends mixed feelings to many people around the world. The individuals truly affected by the drilling are people who live in a near radius of it. Drilling firms seem to only care about what seems to be a great new spot of drill, and not think about the effects that it may cause to surrounding citizens. Many people tie fracking to many health risks including respiratory issues, cardiovascular issues, and air pollution. These ricks leave a long lasting effect on people who it comes across. The worst part about these risks is that is mostly attacks people with immune systems, which are fetuses, infants, babies, and children. These issue could lead to many problems including defects, diseases, and asthma. Individuals who have been living peacefully in their houses for many years, have been disturbed by drilling firms. Earthquakes that start occurring in Texas and Oklahoma and are tied to fracking and underground water storage tanks. The earthquakes are most likely from fracking, even though underground water storage tanks are a possibility. Overall, fracking seems to be very harmful and damaging to everyone in the whole world. Fracking leads to other harmful events that happen in the world including global warming. If fracking does not stop, then there will be more earthquakes and harmful things that happen to the land.


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