Rock and Building 

Have you ever felt like you were stuck between a rock and a building? Well that is how I feel. I have been feeling this way for a while with a couple of situations. 

1. With my blogging: I have been thinking about blogging every day, but I am constantly being hit with homework everyday or something else happening in my life. College is very time consuming, especially when you are taking 18 hours in a semester. 

2. With people around me: I am slowly loosing my patience at school with certain people. It seems like people seem trustworthy, but aren’t. I have had experiences with me telling something to someone and me hearing what I told that person from another person. It seems like people can’t be trusted.

3. Crushes: I like this guy, but I am not sure how to handle it. I don’t know if he likes me back, but I want him to. I know after a certain period of time, if he doesn’t say anything then I am going to move on with my life and leave him in my past. 

4. Junior Year: This is one of the most important years of my high school career/ college career, my junior year of high school/ freshman year of college. I must have high grades and a good gap, because that is what universities  look at. We also get our ranks next semester, so I want to have a high rank. 

These are just some things that I constantly think about daily. Maybe, one day, I’ll be able to figure all of this out and it turns out great. 

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