Texas State Fair (First Time Experience)

Hello everyone, I am back to talk about my day on Friday. This Friday, October 16th, I experienced something new in my life. It was my first time going to the Texas State Fair, and I have to honestly say I had a bad time. I am going to explain everything that occurring during my time at the fair.

I arrived at the fair around noon, so it was somewhat hot. I had $38 in my pocket, because I heard how expensive the fair. I started out with $20 worth of tickets, because I thought that would carry for a while. After walking around for a couple of minutes, the people I went with wanted to ride some of the rides. I didn’t plan on getting on any of the rides, because I have a fear of heights. They got on like 5 rides that go fast and elevate somewhat off the ground, so I just waited them by the ride and held their phone.

After an hour or so, I saw other people that I knew and I was happy. I thought going with them would make me feel better, but I still was bored. I became to feel weak also, because it began to become hotter. I had a slushee and 2 waters while being at the fair. The slushee was watered down, and I only received one hint of banana (the flavor I choose). I also had a funnel cake, because I thought it would be outstanding. The funnel cake was not the best and it was small.

I also saw some of the livestock they showcase at the fair. While looking at the sheep, I saw something very disgusting. A lady was pulling a sheep with a black leash around its face. The lady kept yanking at its face while I man nudged the sheep from behind. I was so horrified, because the sheep really didn’t not want to go and do the tricks the owners were trying them do. One of the people I went wo the fair with wanted to go and sit down to witness the tricks the animals were doing, and I was ready to go. I walked away, because I was not going to watch the sheep be harassed.

By 4pm, I was wondering by myself and exhausted. I told my mom to come and get me at 5:40pm, but after not being able to find any sits to sit down and very thirsty I was ready to go. Before I left the fair, I went to get my mom a turkey leg. Soon after my mom came and got me.

I am actually not planning on going to the fair next year or probably ever again, because of Friday’s experience. I think if things went differently, then I would have had a better time. I am not sure, but we will see about next year.

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