College (3 weeks in)

     My college experience has had ups and downs, yet I have learned many things. College can be hard or easy, depending on the individual and their decisions. I will tell you about my experience, but it may vary from someone else’s experience. 

     In my math class, we do everything online through a website. The teacher does lecture, but I always end up going to another room and working ahead on my work. My teacher offers, if we have worked ahead of the lesson she is teaching, to go to another room and do other assignments. I recently took my Module 1 test, but I didn’t do so well. I have two more attempts, then the system takes the largest grade out of the 3 attempts. Compared to my pervious highschool classes, this class is really different. I am used to teachers always lecturing, then going out paper-based assignments. Due to the fact it is basically a online class, a lot of studying is required.

     I attend PHED on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The class is just doing work outs and leaving. Once we have done all of the workouts, we can leave the class. It is better than all the PHED classes I have had in the past. 

     For my science class, I have Geology. The labs are relaxed. We get to leave early, if we chose to. In the labs, the professor pull out wooden boxes containing Minerals and Rocks (igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary) and we observe the material. During the lectures, the professor talks about the information that is covered for each chapter (we are on chapter 3, I think). The lectures seem long, but are not. I enjoy the class, because it is easy to earn an A. 

     My English class is composed of essays and quizzes. We learn about how to avoid certain words to improve our writing, which is very helpful. I recently turned in my second essay and received a 92, which is very good. The professor assigns pages to read out of a book (pages are listed in syllabus), and we have a quiz every class over those pages. I actually enjoy this English class. I actually learn important details to incorporate in my paper or details to edit out of my paper. The information can be used in my future also. 

     My Spanish class is very boring, but I do learn new information in the class. My professor breaks out all the information, so that her class can understand it. Some of my friends have a teacher who constantly gives them work and teaches fast in their class. I am glad to have a teacher that cares about if their students understand the information other than just putting in a grade. My Spanish class is okay overall.

     My History class is very interesting. The teacher really enjoys history, but his students do not. This class has been a struggle, because of the quizzes. The quiz questions are very detailed and hard to answer. I have a 81 in that class at the moment, so we will see how end grade turns out. History class is okay. 

     There is a class that is in place by my school. The name of it is PATH. The class is not really necessary. We just work on our college portfolio and do TRFs. I see the class time as a time I could be doing work that is due soon or something else with my time. 


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