My First Week of College

This was my first week of college and I can honestly say I am tired. Let me just break down everything that happened this week.

  • Monday: I went to College Algebra, PHED, and Geology. College Algebra is pretty simple, because all the assignments are online. We basically do assignments online on Mondays, then a lecture of the topic on Wednesday. In PHED, the teacher just talked about what the class will be able. We are going to make a workout plan of 12 exercises and do those every time we come to class, so it is pretty simple. Geology has 2 parts; a lab then lecture (he canceled the lab, because it was the first day). The class is okay and isn’t hard. We went over some information about the Earth. 
  • Tuesday: I went to Comp. 1, Spanish 1, History (Which is a high school and college class), and PATH (a class that is formed from my Early College program).  In English, we were talking about plagiarism. We were even assigned to take the Indiana Plagarism test before our first Essay is due (I passed it, but just need to print it). Our homework was to read 1-26, 43-74 , in a book, by Thursday. In Spanish 1, we did a Spanish Introduction verbal assignment. We were assigned a Syllabus scavenger hunt paper. In History, we were assigned Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of a book (76 pages in total) and we had to read it by Thursday. In PATH, we went over what the class would be about. Then did a rubric assignment in class and saw a PowerPoint. By this time I have 3 tests on Thursday and over 100 pages to read by Thursday. 
  • Wednesday: In College Algebra, we had a lecture. In PHED, we heard the teacher talk more. In Geology, we looked at the Minerals and learned about the Rock and Water Cycles. 

Today is Thursday and it is in the morning. I will post about what happened on Thursday and Friday later. Bye. ✌🏾️

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