“Sealing the Deal” at the Interview 

My mom has composed a list of things to keep in mind while interviewing. Enjoy.

During the interview process: 

  • Listen to the question and take your time answering. One question that stumps most candidates is “Tell me about yourself.” Some candidates make the mistake of volunteering information that is personal and none of the hiring manager’s business. That can be harmful and cause the candidate not the considered. Only volunteer professional information that is geared towards the employment opportunity. 

Some things to remember 

  • You have to be able to market yourself, “seal the deal”.
  • A good/ positive interview will feel like a professional conversation. 
  • Research the company/office before the interview. You must finesse the hiring manager when discussing future goals. 
  • Follow up with a thank you note after the interview. That extra step will show that you appreciate the opportunity for being considered. 

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