SMART Goals 

Hello everyone, I am going to share some information I received today about goal setting. In one of my classes, today, we received insight about how to get goals the “SMART” way. Read more to find out about this technique. 

S stands for Specific:

This is where you start asking questions like, “What are you going to do?”, “Why is it important?”, and “What do you ultimately want?” 

M is for Measurable: 

Establish concrete criteria for measuring process. 

A is for Action Oriented: 

What are going to do to accomplish the goals? This may include organizing, building, or anything of that nature. 

R is for Realistic: 

You must be able and willing to do it. 

T is for Timely: 

Put a time frame on your goal. Will you accomplish this goal in days, by the end of the semester, or by the year 2020?

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