Sometimes I feel like I am camouflage. I used to find myself just sitting there and and observing everyone. I now find myself doing this, once again. 

Today was my second day of college, and I felt out of place. Most of my friends are out of my “group”, meaning I have no classes with them. I take this as a life lesson. It shows how sometimes you have to be independent in certain situations, and also make time for your friends. Now I try to talk to my friends as much as I can on lunch breaks and passing time. I am also using this situation to make new friends and connection, because it will benefit in the long run. 

I plan to join a organization and do some workshops at school. Hopefully I will be able to balance the work load and other activities evenly. I plan to talk about certain situations I encounter, give advice, and more about my journey in college, so stay tuned. 

2 thoughts on “8/25/15

  1. Great post! Yes, sometimes life will through in some changes and break the comfort zone. Your plan is a good one, use this time to meet new friends and this experience will assist in teaching you how to adapt to a new environment, meaning taking away the familiar and introducing new ventures. Yes, would love to hear more about your college journey….keep posting.

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