5 Things/People I Am Grateful For

I am going to list 5 people/things I am grateful for in my life. If we have any similarities or there is something you want to say, then please comment below. Thank you and enjoy.

  1. My mom: I am most grateful for my mother, because she means the world to me. She has helped me over the years in so many ways and is always there for me.
  2. My shyness: I am glad that I am shy, because there are many benefits. One of the benefits, is that you learn about your surroundings faster. By looking and listening to the people around you, you get a clear understand of what type of person they are (most of the time). 
  3. My height: I am 5’8, so for the most part, I am taller than the girls around me. This sets me apart and makes me more interesting. I have actually had girls come to me and say that they wished they were as tall as me. 
  4. Being able to multitask: I love to multitask and to be busy. This helps me complete assignments faster, so I have more time to do other things. 
  5. My existence: I am so grateful that I have people who care about me. I have people who haven’t even met me, but hope I touch the stars. It is the best feeling in the world. 

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