Bullying is a very well known and talked about topic. Many kids (even adults) go through it, because they are afraid to do something about it. As a former victim of being bullied, I know how it effects a person’s life. Bullies aren’t always physical, but sometimes verbal. The words or punches they issue leaves a long term effect on the victim.

In 2nd grade, I was bullied by a very mean girl. Yes she was in the same grade as me, but she was very vicious . One time she even smashed a girl’s head into the bathroom floor multiple times. I knew this girl was no joke, so I didn’t really stand up for myself, because I didn’t want my head smashed in. Now that I look back at it, I should have done something to end the abuse faster. Not only for my safety, but for others that suffered because of her. The mean words she told me effected me for many years, because I began to think they were true.

My sophomore year of high school, I decided to let those cruel words not effect me anymore. I treated the cruel words like a snake’s skin, and pealed them away from my memory. Today I am in my new skin and I feel very comfortable now.

There are many ways to combat a bully. You can deal with it physically or take a mental approach. By saying the right words to the person, can be just as powerful as a punch to the chest.

In conclusion, being bullied causes psychological problems that many people can’t handle. There are some people who commit suicide to make the pain go away, but the pain only spreads to others. The only way to solve the situation is to stand up for yourself. After this is done, then you will feel like a new person and shed your old skin.

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