What is perfect? What is it?

Normally when we think of perfect, we see a person with clear skin, a proportional face and much more. This is just the general represention of what “perfect” is, but to be honest, no one knows what it is.

As a human, we are made with imperfections. They can range from a mole to a missing limb. What some people fail to realize is that these flaws make you special.

Sometimes people feel like they should change, because they see what is on the media. The media portrays that having a big butt, big chest, long hair and tan skin makes you perfect and beautiful. This isn’t true, because I don’t think this is beautiful nor perfect. I am sure I am not he only person who thinks this also. Beauty is portrayed on the inside and shines from within. 

In conclusion, perfect can not really be literally used to describe someone. The only person we can be is ourselves, because trying to be someone else doesn’t work. If you feel like you need to change your appearance or attitude on life, then you should. Just don’t do it, because you feel like you have to-to be accepted in the world. 

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