We all have our definition of what friendship means to us. I believe this definition changes, over time, depending on certain situations that occur. These situations can vary from needing someone to listen to you or needing help with homework. After these circumstances happen you figure out who are your real friends. 

In my eyes, a friend is a person of many masks. This person can make you happy, be a shoulder to cry on, a diary, and much more. Many people forget the meaning of being a friend, and use people to do what they want them to. Situations like this always end very badly, and can cause a person to be cold or unfriendly. 

For example, a girl was friends with a another girl that came from a privilege family. She knows that her friend can basically get anything she wants, and uses this to her advantage. The true intentions of the girl comes to the light and her friend is very hurt. After this situation, the friend closes herself up from others (even some truly wonderful people) and doesn’t trust anyone. Because of that one situation, it ruined all the possible opportunities to have healthy relationships with others. 

Playing with someone’s emotions is no joke, because no one wants to be treated like a rag doll. What some people fail to realize is that Karma is real and that everything in the dark comes to the light. 

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