The realness of everything

Today Early College students went to Eastfield to get the jist of next year (high school classes starts on August 24th, but college classes start August 31st), because we go back in a few weeks. We went over many things to expect for the first week, so it was overall okay. 

There are certain things I keep thinking about, but I am sure they are normal college student’s concerns. 

  1. Getting to my classes on time. Looking at my schedule, I noticed that some of my classes start and end 20 minutes apart from each other. I don’t think that is enough time to get to certain classes, because they are in different buildings. I am sure that I will eventually figure everything out, but I am kind of worried at the moment.
  2. Homework. I constantly keep hearing that we will have 2-3 hours of homework each day. They also recommend us to study 2-3 hours for each class (is that really how many hours I should study?). I know many people are different, so I will have to see what method works for me. 
  3. No free time. I want to atleast join a club and get a job (there is a Subway and a student shop inside of school), so I can make my own money and meet new people. I plan to wait after semester 1, and see if I can handle these responsibilities or not. 

Are these normal concerns that every college student has? Or is it just me? 

4 thoughts on “The realness of everything

  1. I’m sure many college students have the same concerns, but I feel like you should enjoy the time that you have out of school because I’m sure everything will fall into place when school starts. Don’t worry, everything will be how it’s meant to be. 🙂 I’m sure you can handle it!

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