Thoughts on College

I am honestly a mixed rainbow of emotions when it comes to the thought of starting college. When I casually talk with my friends about college the same emotion occurs, nervousness. I feel the same way, but with a combination of eagerness. I have done some research and came up with pros of being in college. Some of pros of being in college are discounts, less classes, and a diverse setting.

I have seen some of the discounts that are offered to college students, and they are actually pretty good. Getting a discount is always better than paying full price in the stores. There is also discounts with electronics (if you are a college student, then you should google and get more information about that), which is really great for people who need a certain device that is normally expensive.

Compared to high school, college students don’t have to take as many classes. Another plus is that you don’t take all your classes in one day. For example, my Fall schedule lists that I have only 5 classes for the semester. I am considering myself lucky, because I only have 1 class on Friday *happy guinea pig dance*. This meaning that I have A LOT of study time, or at least I hope so. ***I must note that everyone has different schedules depending on your future career goals***.

Diversity is a highly talked about pro of college. I like to meet new people, who have lived in different places and tried different things than me, because I end up learning something new. There is also a chance that their previous surrounds may be the ideal place to travel to or live in, in the future for you. If you befriend a person from a different region than you, then you might get a chance to learn about their religion, traditions, food, and much more.

Further more, I believe college is a place of mixed feelings and many experiences (some good and bad). Sometimes you have to look at the pros more than the cons, because college does have cons as well. I will be writing about my college experience more later in the year. I have a question for all of you reading this right now; What would be some advice you would give a person about to go to college?

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